De-Risk Your Investment

I Will Make You a Lean Startup Machine
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I’m a workshop facilitator. I help innovation teams work together to solve important problems in one-day workshops. I can help a team wherever they are on their journey, from a presentation to investors, to creating a new product or improving their marketing strategy.

What My Team and I Can Do for You

your story

Clarify your message, and connect deeply. Prototype and test marketing concepts with real customers. Find the narrative that perfectly targets your audience’s urgent desires, and motivates them to action.

Improve your

Innovate the market with confidence, clarity, and commitment. De-risk your investment in new ideas, and guarantee strong returns. Accelerate your team’s momentum, and gain customer trust.

your team

Take your product team to the next level. Equip them with the latest Design Thinking techniques. They will work on your actual business problems, and validate solutions with feedback from real customers.

The Momentum Roadmap

We'll meet you where you are right now, and help bring confidence and clarity to your decisions.

Where do you need a breakthrough?

  • Team Decisions
  • Brand Alignment
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Customer Journey
  • Product Strategy
  • Customer Research
  • Investment De-Risking
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Design Thinking Training
  • Interface and Usability
  • Experience and Interaction
  • Software Development
  • Growth and Conversion

I help your teams collaborate and make better products and services, to increase your business, in less time, with less headaches. Let’s benchmark your performance and get the ball rolling.

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A savvy investor’s secret weapon

No one should invest hard-earned cash based on gut feelings, but when you can't see the road ahead, it takes a leap of faith to commit.

Like you, I've felt frustrated by too much internal discussion. Too many opinions and not enough data, and it's easy to feel confused and uncertain.

Change this broken paradigm to a new way of getting things done. Want less risk, higher commitment, and more clarity?

“We help angels and founders de-risk their investment in new ideas, gain clarity and confidence, and find product/market fit quickly, in days or weeks, not months or years.”

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The Momentum Roadmap


Book your call

Get in touch to book a quick call. It will allow us to diagnose your current situation. We'll listen to understand what you need to accomplish, what you have already tried, and what is holding you back.

Share your challenge

Let's prioritize the challenges you need to tackle now, and those for later. We need to understand your goals, make a match to our capabilities, and provide sound advice on next steps.

Create a plan

With a clear picture of your vision, we'll create a customized plan of action for your business. We'll work on your ideas and innovative solutions together, in days or weeks, not months or years.

Execute it together

With workshops and sprints lasting from days to weeks, you'll quickly validate ideas and test desirability at maximum speed. You will find product/market fit, and build your product with confidence.

Some people are born lucky.

Nobody likes to lose, so do what you can to protect your investments in time, money, and reputation.

We provide a complete de-risking process for new ideas, to insure you always invest in initiatives with product/market fit.

Once you build, it's built. Let us create your plan. Put an end to missed opportunities, and endless discussion.

For modern teams, poorly executed meetings are a huge problem


Would rather go
to the doctor


Would rather
sit in traffic


Would rather
attend jury duty


Would attend if
food was served

[Companies] waste valuable time and money in unproductive meetings. And they're willing to pay high fees to replace high-stakes meetings with thoughtfully-designed, focused workshops that actually reach their desired outcomes. Companies that invested time into crafting clear goals and strategy were close to twice as likely to see increases in revenue.

What Matters Most?, McKinsey & Company, 2021
I’m grateful to have worked with such clients

Hey David! We’re getting close to launching the beta and are very excited! The work with you definitely helped point things in the right direction. Thank you!

Richard Beltrán

Good insights, David! I agree 100% that putting yourself out of your comfort zone is where growth usually happens.

Hrvoje Abraham Milićević

David, thanks for the leadership! This is a great great idea!

Natalie Spektor

Great you are leading this — looking forward to the energy in these sessions! How could I say no to this amazing opportunity. Thanks for putting this together with your team.

Maria O'reilly

Love this. I'm sure there will be heaps of people keen to get involved with this!

Kirsty Starmer

Wow, this is awesome, exactly what I have been looking for.

Rujuta Singh

It felt great to participate and see how much work is involved in orchestrating and what issues can come up. Wow, keep the momentum going. Love it. You rock!

Michelle Audsley Myers

Thanks for taking the lead on this! Looking forward to these super-charged practice sessions!

Jill Banks

This is so precious. Thank you for making this happen!

Laure Duchamp

Thanks again for organising all of this, David. I enjoyed last week’s session :)

Luca Terminiello

Nice! Love the momentum.

Tom Rushworth

I'm onboard! 🫡 Grateful for your continued commitment to organizing and leading these sessions.

David Marks

Thank you for organizing these! Very helpful 🌟 I'm in 🙌

Elli Nikolaou

So so good. I'm really looking forward to the next ones. I was able to facilitate my first ever exercise and it was such a good feeling to say it out loud in front of an audience!

Chris Davis

I have just jumped off a 3+ hour design sprint… honestly, I was blown away! Thanks again David! Stunning work. Loved the session and really appreciate everyone involved.

Graham Thompson

Thank you David for taking the initiative! These sessions have been so helpful and insightful for me! Looking forward to the next one!

Anussha Gupta

Amazing session! Thank you so much for the initiative and all the preparation. Wow, you have great ideas!!! You’re an amazing facilitator. All the best!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Lina Robayo

Thanks David for taking the lead. 👏 I learned so much by participating and being present. 🌟🙌 This is really a great idea.💡 I'm looking forward to the next round! 🌱

Teresa Middleton

We help teams increase their business, and pursue continuous innovation by being lean, agile, design thinkers. Prove product/market fit, achieve traction, and get investors onboard.

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From doubtful to confident in 3 weeks or less.

Every day you turn down good ideas, and some big questions are left unanswered. Be aware of risk, but fearless. Focus on action and forward momentum. Enjoy abundant options, the confidence of proven ideas, and the courage of validated champions.